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Established in 2010, León Gallery is one of the country's most esteemed auction houses and art galleries. León takes pride in being one of the leading purveyors of museum-quality and historically important works of art, antiques, and furniture.

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JAR - Back & Forth

July 06 - 13, 2022

Opening on July 6, 2022 (Wednesday) in Leon Gallery International, we are thrilled to present JAR’s (Jose Antonio Reyes) 3rd solo exhibition BACK & FORTH For the past 5 years, JAR has explored the powerful potential of digital mediums and its emotional impact on the viewer. He combines traditional techniques with digital tools to create vigorous paintings and mixed media. All of the works in BACK & FORTH are a product of his interchanging practice between the physical and the digital realm. Imbued in JAR’s work is a fascination with the integrative quality of images and its ability to unite separate things together. Many of the paintings have been reconstructed digitally and have been repainted over using traditional mediums. This BACK & FORTH process has JAR tapping into a wealth of dazzling resources that consist of collected imagery that he has gathered over the course of the pandemic. Each work renounces predetermined narratives and instead invites viewers to connect through their thoughts and emotions. Visitors to BACK & FORTH will be confronted with works that consist of paintings and mixed media, all of which were created through JAR’s unique, back and forth process. JAR: Back & Forth July 6–July 13, 2022 Corinthian Plaza, G/F, 120, 121 Paseo de Roxas, Makati Opening reception: Wednesday, July 6th 6pm

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